ADI 204Y

ADI2045 VA Process Analyzer

The ADI 2045VA analyzer is based on the principal of Voltammetric Analysis. The analytical heart of the analyzer is the Metrohm 797 Computrace with Multi Mode Electrode (MME) or Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE) sensor options depending on the application. For online control of water and wastewater quality and industrial mining processes the analyzer is used to determine low concentrations of multiple heavy metals e.g. Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb, Ni and Co. The concentration range can vary from ppm down to ppb/ppt trace detection. 


ADI 2045PL ProcessLab

The ProcessLab ADI 2045PL is a robust routine system for at-line ion analysis on the production floor and in control labs. It is typically used for multiple sampling points and parameters that do not require fast analysis and response times. Samples are taken manually at each sampling point, fed into the ProcessLab (manually or by means of an autosampler), and automatically analyzed.


ADI 2045TI Process Analyzer

The ADI 2045TI is a wet chemical analyzer. At its core lies an industrial PC with an industry standard Communication Logic Controller. Its modular wet part gives maximum flexibility to adapt the configuration to a specific application. The burettes or pumps can be chosen for all liquid handling and selection valves implemented for multiple sample streams.

Simultaneous analysis between two streams and several methods gives faster response times. The control software on top of tiamo allows the user to program different sequences of analysis and set conditions and alarms. Remote access is achieved with a standard remote desktop tool for further diagnostics.



Multifunctional Process Analyzers